Here are some of the recent comments that Steve has received

I loved the “rough stuff” including the stabbings and shooting… utterly captivating! I want to know who shot at you and why? The other story about the “bullet that hit” just after you sold the business was both poetic and profound. A fantastic story beautifully told – YES! Group attendee Newcastle upon Tyne

Steve delivered a superb and surprisingly upbeat speech even though you covered some tough subject matter, especially around child abuse – YES! Group attendee Newcastle upon Tyne

Steve REALLY entertained and educated, he put in lots of effort – Forum for Tomorrow attendee Leeds

I’ll be using Steve’s CIA >> FBI formula… an enjoyable, informative event Forum for Tomorrow attendee Leeds

I’d love a full session on each topic that Steve covered… Loved the formulas Forum for Tomorrow attendee Leeds

The session was too short I could have listened to lots more it was a great topic – Practice Managers Conference Attendee Bedford

You’ve helped me realise I should be going after my goals – Year 11 pupil inner city Academy Birmingham

 I think you had guts saying what you did in front of our school! Thanks for having a chat with me and my friends after the talk – Year 11 pupil inner city Academy Birmingham

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If you're setting a goal...

That's what Steve thought when he got fed up

  • Fed up with all the moaning he hears in the world!
  • Fed up with the negativity people have when things aren't perfect!
  • Fed up with people not realising just how lucky they are!

So Steve has created an online "Gratitude Jar" and if you help him fill it, he'll help you...

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