Speakers Steve Recommends

Steve understands that he has his specialist subjects and that he works best for his clients when he is delivering what he is an expert on. As a Professional Speaker, he is often in an ideal position to see other professional speakers at work. Here is a current list of those people Steve would recommend based on having seen them speak in the last 6 months.

If you see someone who piques your interest and you end up contacting them, please do let them know that “Steve sent you”.

Setting and Achieving MASSIVE Goals:

A picture of David Hyner speakingDavid Hyner (Fellow PSA UK&I) will tell you that Realistic & Achievable Goals Do NOT Work!!! Furthermore, he will go on and prove it based on his research and interviews with 153 top achievers from the world of sport and business. David has spent time with these people to find out how they think and behave when setting and achieving their goals. In his MASSIVE GOALS workshop he gives you the confidence and skills to set and achieve your own MASSIVE Goal. If you are tired of “mediocre results” and if you want to set and achieve a BIG goal for your life or business, then this FUN, challenging, and interactive speaker can give you the insights and tools that will let you achieve it.

Steve’s take: I have had the pleasure of working with David on several occasions and seeing him deliver his keynote on many more. He always gives 100% and his style is heart-warming. Unlike many fist thumping motivational speakers David keeps it real and down-to-earth, which is ironic seeing as hundreds of people have actually set and achieved massive goals using what he teaches! I can’t recommend David highly enough. You can find out more about David by following this link.

Corporate Strategy/Leadership:

Professional Speaker Lesley Hunter with her dog KenoLesley Hunter (Fellow PSA UK&I) is a UK based international speaker and owner of a boisterous strong-willed German Shepherd (Kee’no) who is the inspiration for her work. She asked herself the question “What does it take to be a human pack leader to a canine?” She then went and did the research to find out, getting herself a qualification in animal behaviour along the way. Lesley’s aim is to provoke behavioural change in her audiences and illustrate how people can become pack leaders in their own organisations. Using her research-based Challenge Choice Change model and Pack Leader Principles, she shares her experiences and leadership lessons from working with dogs. Lesley delivers a serious message to help human leaders think creatively, engage their followers, develop trust and improve organisational performance.

Steve’s take: I’ve been fortunate to get to know Lesley and Kee’no. My advice is don’t confuse her with a ‘dog whisperer’, although she has an animal behaviour qualification it’s people and leadership she’s really into. So, if you want a great insight into our most basic behaviours and the way they can drive us then Lesley is for you. She is also a former inspector of schools, working under contract to the UK government’s Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). So if you have an educational slant to your event, or have educators in your audience she naturally speaks their language. You can find out more about Lesley by following this link.

Roger Harrop Speaking

Roger Harrop (Fellow PSA UK&I, CSP Global) is “The CEO Expert” and has spent over 25 years leading international business at the highest level, ultimately a plc. This puts Roger in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges. His motivational, inspirational, thought provoking, entertaining and content-rich “Staying in the Helicopter®” series of keynote speeches, seminars and masterclasses are regularly accredited by delegates on four continents as the inspiration for dramatic business improvement and success. Delegates leave his events with secrets and tools to develop their business, their management skills and to achieve immediate, sustained business and personal growth.

Steve’s take: I first met Roger as a delegate when he addressed a CEO Mastermind Group that I was a member of. He challenged me to “up my game” and at the same time made sure I had the tools that would set me up for success. The quintessential ‘English Businessman’ , the only thing that is missing is the bowler hat. If you want top-drawer leadership expertise at your event then Roger is the man. You can find out more about Roger by following this link.

Making Your Business Stand Out:

Professional Speaker Lee JacksonLee Jackson (Fellow PS UK&I) is known as “The PowerPoint Surgeon”, why? Because sometimes when things get really bad, surgery is required. Bad PowerPoint* (and boring presentations) are everywhere! It appears they have almost become the norm and very few people seem to want to talk about it. It doesn’t have to be that way. Bad presentations are costly. They can cost money, jobs and reputations. Lee has been involved in professional presentation for over 25 years and that’s why he really could ‘write the book’ on how to be the best. It’s Lee’s personal mission to wean people off bad slides… FOREVER. He’ll also teach you how good presentation slides can work for you and help you stand out from the crowd. Using simple techniques he will show you how to kill death by bullet-point once and for all. *There are other presentation tools you can use equally as badly as PowerPoint.

Steve’s Take: Although I’ve listed Lee here he is also a phenomenal motivational speaker in his own right. How many PowerPoint guru’s do you know that have chatted with the Dalai Lama? What makes Lee stand out in the crowd is that he is amazingly professional and at the same time such a nice bloke. If you want a professional speaker who leaves his own ego at the door and really understands it’s about maximising what the audience get from the talk, then Lee is right for you. You can find out more about Lee by following this link.

Professional Speaker Geoff RammGeoff Ramm (Fellow PSA UK&I) Geoff created the concept of OMG Marketing… and his results are simply astonishing. From edible business cards to promotions created on local business budgets that defy the national business response rates. Geoff takes his audience on a whistle-stop tour where they see for themselves how brands of all shapes and sizes can stand out from the crowd. As an ‘observational marketeer’ Geoff highlights marketing campaigns that generate amazing publicity. He points to remarkable businesses and how they excite and engage audiences throughout the world with their social media and marketing strategies.

Steve’s Take: Geoff is a down to earth northern lad done good! His messages are simple, thought-provoking and entertaining. When you see Geoff deliver his material his passion for his topic is boundless and his story telling is utterly beguiling. He has made the transition from keynote speaker to international keynote speaker of global renown in a few short years. If you want somebody who is going to try and turn marketing into a quasi-science of demographics, A/B splits and statistics then avoid Geoff like the plague. If, on the other hand, you want somebody who is going to get your audience to dig deep into their more playful side and come away brimming with creative can-do then he should be on your shortlist and you should be making contact with him right now! You can find out more about Geoff by following this link.

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