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You’re putting together an event where you want to bring in an outside speaker… someone who can offer a different angle on the topic. As much as you’d love the latest ‘hot off the shelf’ celebrity wisdom giver, you’re only willing to consider or only have a budget for a ‘non-celebrity’. So you have a challenge, naturally you’re worried about allowing an ‘unknown’ to speak to your audience. You have to be sure that whoever does the job will not only bring credibility and fresh ideas. It’s critical they won’t make you look bad in the de-brief session after the event.

Finally, and maybe most important… you want to know that the key messages and impact of whoever you book will last a good deal longer than the evening dinner.


Steve’s Approach

As you’d expect from a professional speaker, Steve has ‘off the shelf’ masterpiece talks and master classes from years of delivery. But he knows that’s not what you want or are paying for.Professional Speaking Association Fellow Logo

Steve has had to book speakers himself (and he still does) and the last thing he would ever want from them is ‘pre-canned’ speeches. So Steve’s approach is to spend time with you before your event (either face to face or over Skype or on the telephone) developing a genuine understanding of your culture, business context and key challenges and opportunities you’re facing. Only after he has this understanding will he propose a tailored speech for your feedback and approval.

This approach ensures that from the very first minute your audience feels that Steve is specifically talking to them. He also likes to make himself to delegates before and after his delivery as this is when concepts aired on stage can be cemented into real action items through conversation afterwards.

The Detailed Stuff

Whether you’re an experienced professional event planner or if it’s just one of a million jobs that you do as part of your daily life, Steve wants to make sure you have the easiest possible time dealing with him as an individual and with our organisation as a supplier to yours. So here are some standard documents that we have found make that relationship easier. By using them we’ve found that the cracks that important bits of information can get lost down are closed tight.

Event Questionnaire to be downloaded and completed or used as a basis of the conversation you have with Steve around the event.

Speaker Agreement the standard contract that Steve works to when engaged on professional speaking assignments.

A two-page summary of Steve’s approach as a speaker and a bit of background about how he got to where he is today.

Some head shot photographs of Steve for use in your promotional web and print materials.

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