Keynote Topics

Steve works with a volunteer on stage

Steve working with a volunteer on stage

Steve specialises in the following areas:

  • Perception and attitude choice (especally during times of change)
  • Moving from being generally grateful to being genuinely grateful
  • Learning to love your disruptor
  • Project turnaround and successful delivery
  • Appreciative Inquiry


He works in collaboration with Stretch Development to deliver enrichment activities to secondary schools.

Steve comes from an entrepreneurial background. He describes himself as a ‘Positive disruptor’ who is determined to challenge as many people as he can to think about how they can live the most productive life possible. So it’s not surprising that this is the focus of his keynote address and his keynote masterclass.

His work and business experience is from the field of IT where he helped to establish the Internet in the UK as well as working with the Construction, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Government sectors.

Steve addresses an audience

Steve addressing an audience

Steve brings his entrepreneurial experience and his success in delivering significant change programmes (some in excess of £200 million) to make sure that the audience have real take-away value that they can call upon long after they’ve left the event. He didn’t get the nickname “The Formula Guy” without good cause. So you can expect any keynote he delivers to be liberally peppered with his “Formulas for a more productive life”.

If you think that what Steve has to say may be of interest to your audience he’d be more than happy to discuss it with you. As a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and a member of the Global Speakers Federation if he can’t fulfil your needs, he is a member of a network of 1,500+ UK and internationally based professional subject matter speakers speakers who he’d be more than happy to put you in touch with.

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If you're setting a goal...

That's what Steve thought when he got fed up

  • Fed up with all the moaning he hears in the world!
  • Fed up with the negativity people have when things aren't perfect!
  • Fed up with people not realising just how lucky they are!

So Steve has created an online "Gratitude Jar" and if you help him fill it, he'll help you...

Simply tell Steve one thing you're grateful for in your life and he will give you his E-Book

"Your Secret Formula for a More Grateful Life"

This E-Book usually sells for £2.99
Now that's fair isn't it?

Click here to help Steve hit his target.