Gratitudes I have Received

Here is a random sample of gratitudes I’ve received…

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My Wife

My wife is completely accepting of me and has 100% faith and belief in me even when I go off tangent with my ideas and plans. I take it for granted that she is always there for me through thick and thin and don't always appreciate what she does for me.

Paul Crossman

Grateful for Good Health

A healthy body is the enabler for everything else I enjoy. It helps me take long walks and enjoy good food (no diabetes or other dietary issues) and see beautiful scenery. It helps me create beautiful things, such as photographs and music and gifts I make from yarn. The relatively few times that I have been laid up have helped intensify that gratitude, because it really brings home how important it is.

Eva Doyle

connection with Divinity

At times in life I am insecure, lonely, anxious, and the like. But when I still myself and communicate with God, I feel known and safe...and even powerful. Likewise on the other side of the scale, when I'm a little too full of myself and looking down on others, I feel a vertical tension that is discomforting. As I explore it, I realize those other folks are me. We are all each other. We are all unique, but no one is better or less than. I am humbled. To summarize, I am so grateful I can be mentored and centered by Divinity when I am not at peace--so that through the yearning and learning and growing and knowing I can kindly and comfortably and uniquely be ME.

Sarah Brown

I am grateful for my ability to connect and enjoy life - to see who can help who and how I can help others

I love networking and meeting new people and making connections. I like to help people and helping people makes me feel excited and happy.

Sue France

Gods Grace!

Even though everyday is a mess of my doings I know there always was a chance for things to go that much more worse than I thought it already was, but it did not. These miracles happen every single day and I'm ashamed that I don't thank God enough for his mercy. I'm sure this happens to everyone of us and most of us are quite oblivious to how things could've gone south. This is why I'm grateful to God for his mercy and protection.

Neil D'souza

My husband and children.

They make every day worth living and we have lots of fun together.

Julia Elliott

I can dance to the music

Music lifts my soul. I only have to hear a few bars, and can be instantly transported back in time. When I'm dancing, to Rock'n'Roll, or Swing, any worries or stress of the day just vanish. I am grateful to have the health, fitness and rhythm to be a good dancer. It gives me a social life, and fitness at the same time.

Steve Catchick


I have been given professional and heart felt guidance in the Speaking Association.

stephen hayes

Friends & Family

Because I have 2 amazing daughters who I'd do anything for, and some fabulous friends I love with all my heart and who I know love me :)

Joanna Walker

I'm grateful for my family. The way my mum and dad have raised me and molded me into the person I am today, for the values they have gave me. The life that I lead is down to their parenting, of which I am extremely proud of.

Jenny McCormack

Healthy... happy... loving relationships with my children

I am grateful for many things in my life, but I recognize that no matter what external circumstances may come my way, I am MOST GRATEFUL for having an honest, open, respectful, loving relationship with all three of my children. It is an honor to be their mother - and I prize them as my closest friends and most favorite people on the earth.

Janet Stephenson

My wife is the greatest person in the world!!

Before I met my wife my life was on a downward spiral. She Turned it all around

Tam Graham


Today I met with my study tutor and they really listened to me thank you.

Jayne Russell

Appreciating Life

To cancer for showing me how precious life is and to not take a day for granted.

Fiona Clarke

Love life

I'm one happy grampy

Michael Marks

My inherited large family!

I am so very grateful for my partners huge family having welcomed me into their lives as I don't have many of my own left! Alongside all the shouting, arguments, moaning and disagreements, they really have a wonderful way of making me feel like I have always been around. My own parents would be over the moon to know I am being so well looked after....even if they do get on my wick sometimes :)

Lisa Whelan

My personal hero - My husband

Our lives are consumed by the logistics of running a household, managing jobs and caring for our two kids, a dog, a cat and fish. Like most people, our lives are impossibly busy. Despite this I am thankful to my husband who makes our kids feel safe and loved, works with me as a team and takes an interest in me and my life. And he makes me laugh too!

Laura Whitworth

4 times grateful to start

I'm grateful for many things but most of all for being blessed with 4 healthy children and I wish that they stay healthy so they can find their way in life as all children should be able to do. I am grateful for being able to wish that for all children too.

Renilde De Wit


I am grateful for having Smudge (my dog) in my life. She is really loving and knows when I just need a hug. She also reminds me to take a break at regular points during the day to 'play'.

Lucy Houghton-Burnett

My Freedom

Freedom to express my thoughts and the ability with the internet to share those thoughts freely.

Stan Phelps

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