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My Wife

My wife is completely accepting of me and has 100% faith and belief in me even when I go off tangent with my ideas and plans. I take it for granted that she is always there for me through thick and thin and don't always appreciate what she does for me.

Paul Crossman

Beautiful people

I am so grateful for all the beautiful people I have in my life - friends and family - and for all the love I can show them, and that they do show to me

Mike Shinton


I have a wife and 6 children (ages ranging from 34 to 6 as of 8th June), and all of them are wonderful. However, my youngest (Daniel) has autism... He is special. He struggles with holding a pencil / pen and is way behind with his writing; - so much so that he cannot write his own name properly. He doesn't understand that if someone is talking, he has to wait his turn, and he doesn't have much in the way of facial expressions. And he struggles to interact with children at school. (He often hides under the table). But he is so very special... and very bright (although he can barely write, he is brilliant at spellings by sounding them out and he is superb at maths). He is super intelligent, talking about things which in reality no 6 year-old should know, like Gulper ells and Dumbo octopousses from the deep ocean, and stars / planets in the solar system. And he's lovely..! A real little character... Daniel and I take our dog out for a walk every Sunday. The same route, to the same waterfall, every Sunday, just me and him. And despite the difficulties, he will be OK, because our family will make sure of that. And that is what I am grateful for..!

Martin Humphreys

Summations are difficult -

It's probably corny but my daughter - she is my biggest achievement because she is beautiful, loving, caring, generous and a good psychologist despite being only 13 years old. I'm grateful for the love I had from my Dad and that I still have my mother who is my devoted friend. I'm grateful to have work, and put food on the table each day.

Saskia Constantinou


I am grateful to have two healthy and happy little girls who bring me sunshine everyday

Julie Barmer

The privelege of being surrounded by opportunities

I am grateful because unlike so many people in the world I have been born in a place where opportunities are all around me. I am grateful for the privilege of being able to choose how I live my life and for the fact that I do not take this for granted. I am also grateful that I have found people who have inspired me to move past self doubt and melancholy to be the best I can be.

Kathleen Helm


I am grateful for the strong relationships I have with my family and friends. Without certain people in my life I would definitely not have made it through the past couple of years. My mental state has been atrocious and my friends and family have helped so much without even realising.

Charlotte Nelson

Good times always follow bad times and you can grow through both

I have thus total confidence that whatever happens inh the future it will be mostly good

John Gray


Travel makes me thankful and appreciative of the amazing life I have. Because of travel I am thankful for the clothes on my back. Thankful for the roof over my head. Thankful for each daily meal. Not once in my life have I experienced true hunger. Not once in my life have I experienced homelessness or true need. Not once in my life have I been truly helpless. Growing up I had access to education, to healthcare, and I have a wonderful family who loves and supports me. The amazing opportunity to travel through poverty stricken lands really gives you perspective as to what is truly important in life, and I am incredibly thankful for that perspective. After travel you realize just how many comforts we take for granted, and this realization, the ability to appreciate the small things in life and not confuse “want” with “need”, is the beginning of true happiness. You realize your “problems” really aren’t that big on the true scale of things.

Megan Jerrard

Fantastic Support

I have a partner who is 100% my rock and support,

Phil Naylor

My Husband

I am grateful for a husband who believes in the good in me and my actions more than I often believe in myself! No matter how many times I disappoint myself, he is always able to help me focus on my positive attributes and move forward rather than dwell in the past. I love my husband beyond words...and I am so very grateful that he feels the same about me!!!

Ann Marie Noseworthy

The Simple Things

I am grateful for my husband, family and friends. I am lucky to have them all in my life.

Paula Bolan

I'm greatful that...

My kids are happy and healthy and that they are the centre of my world! :)

Joanna Walker


I'm very grateful for the friends and family that supported my through a recent relationship break-up - not least Gareth & Mel, who put me up on their sofa bed while I found somewhere to live!

Simon Kite


In a sea of mishaps our car passed its MOT today.

Derek Cheshire


I am grateful for the cancer I had at age 24 because without it we would never have adopted our beautiful, precious daughter Hope and I would not have been her Mum.

Heather Gibbon

Living in a society of acceptance

Every day I appreciate the fact I live in a society that generally accepts differences including race, religion, abilities and disabilities and opinions. Perhaps it is not evident every day and in every town but this acceptance is broad enough that those seeking acceptance can find it without looking too far.

Cori Stephenson

Don't know how lucky we are

With both my in laws going through different types of cancer(sadly 1 passed away) I see the pain they go through and realise we don't have a lot to really moan about so for that I am grateful

Karl Nicholson

My inherited large family!

I am so very grateful for my partners huge family having welcomed me into their lives as I don't have many of my own left! Alongside all the shouting, arguments, moaning and disagreements, they really have a wonderful way of making me feel like I have always been around. My own parents would be over the moon to know I am being so well looked after....even if they do get on my wick sometimes :)

Lisa Whelan

Good Health

Good health makes life more enjoyable and enables me to pursue my goals. What could be more important? Everything else depends on having good health.

Matthew Killorin

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