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My son

I had my son a bit later than most Mum's and I am so grateful that he came along. Being his mum has been the making of me, I am more tolerant, more relaxed, I laugh more, I see the little things in every day that I had forgotten, boundaries are tested and I am stronger than I ever knew I was. I am grateful for my son.

Nicole Dannhauser


LOVE: drives the world to amazing things! We can all feel it, we can all choose it, even if we have never 'experienced' love in a Shakespearean or romance inspired way - as a word it describes a positive, powerful, beautiful emotion :) It empowers us to kindness, to passion, to compassion and to empassion others too. I've worked hard to now have it (Shakespeare romance, tick!), understand how to access it and use it every day to help me be better and better share the love in my world and with the world... Thanks for the gratitude, please keep sharing the Love Steve and... Stay Playful! Lottie xx

Lottie Hearn

reality and common sense

it is a big busy and bit bonkers world I am most keen on - being able to accept the things I cannot change, changing the things I can and having the reality and common sense to identify the difference. love and light.

Chris Jones

The prospect of tomorrow

It's a lot better than the alternative!

Nick Palmer

This is a test

This is a test

This is a test This is a test

being me

Me - good enough to meet the best guy in the world and marry him, and enjoy many fantastic years together Me - good enough to create and bring up 2 amazing kids. Me - who has experienced the such extreme kindness and generosity from people, they take my breath away Me - whose own company I enjoy Me - whose dreams are fun and inspiring and take me to interesting places to meet interesting people Me- who is still able to find joy and laughter in even the hardest, saddest times ( with a little help from my friends)

Rowena Birch

The acceptance of my person as a starting condition

I am grateful that I can live openly and honestly, and freely express and act upon my feelings about the people and the things that I love, and to have that seen by society as normal and something that should be expected for everyone.

George Jewitt

My mother

Everytime I look at her, i feel energetic powerful like i can conquer the world. In the last few years we stood together through the worst storms and the greatest moments. Ever since I came to university theres a gap in my life. I dont have a best friend because i realize that no one can be a better friend than my mother. Its hard letting go .. but I am grateful to have the most strong encouraging and god fearing woman in my life and one who loves me. I can give my life for her.

Mishael Akleker

Life & family & freind's

The reason in am greatful am very luck to be alive. I was shot in Afghanistan 4 year ago. I was shot through the neck in a firefight and the size of the round the conslutants said I should be paralysed from the neck down. The Round/Bullet shattered my C5/6 and took some of my spinal cord. I was Selly oak for 6 weeks paralysed from the neck down then sir lifted to Middlesbrough Golden jubilee spinal unit where I was for 7 months. And I had my wife at my bedside every day and family and close freind's and again I had a consultant tell me I never walk again. He was wrong!! I went to physiothepty twice a day and hydrothepty I knew I was going to Headley court I wanted the old me back for my wife I wanted to walk again and get out of this wheelchair that was my prison and with 2hsf years of hard work and being focused I left Headley court walking on a walking stick and proving them doctors wrong that why am greatful to my family and freind's and most inportanty my WIFE for the support of my family supporting my wife and and my freind's supporting freind's supporting my family and for my beautiful wife who with me everyday supporting me through the dark times Rachel I love you dearly thank you

Mark Harding

The love of my wife and kids

They are my world. You did ask about what I'm most grateful for in the world. Nothing transcends this. Am also grateful for my good health and my positive and relaxed outlook on life. And, more off the wall, I am pleased that I got into performing magic in my early teens. This has helped me to be memorable across the years, given me the confidence to speak in public from a relatively young age, a wonderful hobby and the ability to entertain people and make them happy.

Mark Lee


I am grateful to my family and friends for their continued support to allow and help me to progress with my weightloss journey, and follow my new dream of becoming a fitness instructor. Money buys a lot of things but love, support and happiness and smiles are given for free to those we love so am very grateful to those that love me.

Beverley Cross

My family are fine

With so many tragedies in the world, i am grateful my family and friends are safe.God bless those less fortunate

Jenny Pyrah


I am grateful for the cancer I had at age 24 because without it we would never have adopted our beautiful, precious daughter Hope and I would not have been her Mum.

Heather Gibbon

Jesus Loves Me

Oh, if there’s only one song I can sing, When in His beauty I see the great King, This shall my song in eternity be, “Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves me!”

Cheryl Harris

Doses of Reality

I am grateful for the people in my life who love me enough to challenge me with honesty. They see my potential before I do.

Stef Reid

Baby brain strikes again!

Dropped my wallet and a lovely stranger handed it in to the bank (looked in wallet and seen a HSBC card). HSBC then called me and got it back to me. Lots of honest, wonderful people today :) thank you to all involved!!

Sarah Herrett


Keno is my boisterous loveable German Shepherd who is the inspiration for my work - I get a huge welcome from him first thing every morning and I always say 'thank you' for having him in my life.

Lesley Hunter

Helpful people!

I'm grateful for all those people out there who will help you out in all sorts of ways and never expect anything in return!

Alex Valentine


I am grateful for having Smudge (my dog) in my life. She is really loving and knows when I just need a hug. She also reminds me to take a break at regular points during the day to 'play'.

Lucy Houghton-Burnett

My Wife!

Steve, I am most grateful for my wife because she is rational, friendly, and giving. There is not one person who meets her simply does not think she is wonderful. Plus, she is an awesome cook. Just ask my waistline. I'm lucky to have her. ~D

Darrell Cherry

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