Gratitudes I have Received

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The ability to make my own choices about my life and the way I live it. Not dictated by a Govt. an employer, family or anyone else. Every day I get up and can choose what mood I am in, what I want to achieve and what I can do to help others.

Ian Cartwright

Beautiful people

I am so grateful for all the beautiful people I have in my life - friends and family - and for all the love I can show them, and that they do show to me

Mike Shinton

I'm alive

Still here 4 years on following Ovarian cancer.

Annie Robson

my 2 beautiful dogs

my 2 beautiful dogs give me unlimited love and cuddles. They are the reason I never feel lonely

Emma frew

Family love

I am grateful for the love and support of family, something which I am sorry to say can, at times, be taken for granted, something I am addressing as best I can every day of my life from now on.

Andy Neilson

My Girls

I cannot even begin to tell how amazing the love and support of my two daughters (16 and 9) are....over the last few years I have had to face some really emotionally difficult times...and now as a single mum they are the single most thing that makes me proud...that makes me smile...that makes me feel so incredibly grateful for.....if I lost everything and just kept their love and respect then I will always be incredibly rich.

Tracey Bovingdon

the 'i' and the 'o'

Because whichever one you use with LVE they're awesome. To LIVE is to LOVE, and to LOVE is to LIVE. Without LOVE nothing really happens. With it you really get to LIVE. xxxxxxx

Sid Madge

Family & Friends

Grateful for the friends and famy in my life and those yet to arrive.

Sarah Muirhead


I saw a quote today online somewhere that said wars are started because of secrecy and lies, so why not try open-ness and truth. Living with truth can be hard at times but true love enables the hard times to become good times. I am grateful for the love of my friends, family and having lived to have met them all.

Dave Hyner

Happiness is like a kiss you must share it to enjoy it

I am very grateful to have the most understanding and kind hearted boyfriend I could ever imagine. I have become a lot more grateful since meeting him because it has made me feel a lot more positive but also made me look at things differently.

Laura Shackleton

Grateful for life

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (incurable) two years ago, but I am receiving treatment and still able to work

Angela Gerrard

Hubby, Family, Friends

Thankful for loving hubby, family, friends and having a healthy life.

Carol Dawson

Extended Family

Following serious illness I have just retired today. Having worked in the fire service for 27 years it was really humbling to see many of my colleagues who turned out to make sure I'd actually gone! Their support during the initial stages of my illness was incredible and has continued during the last 2 years as I have worked towards my recovery. I and my family are very grateful to my "extended family" for their kindness and friendship.

Lisa Woods

Don't know how lucky we are

With both my in laws going through different types of cancer(sadly 1 passed away) I see the pain they go through and realise we don't have a lot to really moan about so for that I am grateful

Karl Nicholson

Family and friends required

Without family and friends where would we be? They are a requirement to my life

Mandy Bradley

Seeing is believing

I am grateful that others see in me what I do not see in myself and believe in me, even when I question myself.

Simon Parsons

I am grateful for the NHS and screening programmes.

I am grateful for screening programmes that save peoples' lives every year.

Joe Dunne

Support in Business Start Up

I have a fantastic support group of family (thanks to my wife, Anne-Louise, in particular!), friends and colleagues, who have encouraged me to "do my thing", offering both direct motivation and critical analysis as I go. They are brilliant.

Dave Hall

Good Morning

I'm grateful for every day I wake up, go to work and make a difference in the life of my colleagues.

Enzo Guardino

To Be Alive

There are so many things for which I am thankful! I make a list of 10 things a day...everyday and it doesn't even scratch the surface. I would have to say that I am most grateful to be a cancer survivor. Not only did I survive the disease, but I learned about fear and how to deal with it. Now, life is amazing and the gratitude is endless!

Michelle Spear

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