Erin's Formula A = M + N

If not you then who?

A while ago I wrote a guest post for a popular self development blog called PickTheBrain. The post was about life mantra's. I asked the Editor in Chief, Erin Falconer if she had a life mantra. She told me that hers was “If not me, who? If not now, when?” Click here to read more
The formula for the sum of all your decisions

Your Present Situation…

Some of you may be familiar with the ∑ symbol, especially if you regularly use spreadsheet software. In spreadsheets, this symbol (the Greek letter Sigma) often means ‘Sum’ or the total value of things added together. I use this formula to remind myself that my Present Situation (big PS) is a direct result (equals) of the sum (∑) of all of the Decisions (big D) that I have made in my life so far. Click here to read more

The root of getting fit is less TV

This formula reminds me what is at the root of me getting fit. I like the idea of something being at the root of something good. This is one of my most flexible formulas see how you can use it to create a positive message for yourself. Click here to read more

If you're setting a goal...

That's what Steve thought when he got fed up

  • Fed up with all the moaning he hears in the world!
  • Fed up with the negativity people have when things aren't perfect!
  • Fed up with people not realising just how lucky they are!

So Steve has created an online "Gratitude Jar" and if you help him fill it, he'll help you...

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