Steve's formula for under promise and over deliver is a capital D over a lower case p

Under promise and over deliver

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been really, really looking forward to something but when you get it, or go there, if it’s a place, the experience has been nowhere near as good as you were expecting? Now if it's because you have an over-active imagination and an unreasonable expectation, that’s entirely your own doing. But, how many times is it because somebody has made you lots of promises and then it simply hasn't met the expectation they've set? Click here to read more
The formula for guaranteed failure in projects and business

The guaranteed way to FAIL in business and how to avoid it

Here is a formula that will let you say NO to people and have them think more highly of you because you did! Click here to read more

Some Will… Some Won’t

This formula gives you a really powerful way to handle rejection in many aspects of your professional and personal life. Click here to read more
One of Steve's formulas

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

This is a really simple formula and its meaning for me is that a little knowledge (little k) is a Dangerous Thing (big DT). If you don’t believe this formula, ask yourself this question: Would you be happy to be diagnosed by a first year medical student if they didn’t have a consultant standing beside them during your examination? Click here to read more

If you're setting a goal...

That's what Steve thought when he got fed up

  • Fed up with all the moaning he hears in the world!
  • Fed up with the negativity people have when things aren't perfect!
  • Fed up with people not realising just how lucky they are!

So Steve has created an online "Gratitude Jar" and if you help him fill it, he'll help you...

Simply tell Steve one thing you're grateful for in your life and he will give you his E-Book

"Your Secret Formula for a More Grateful Life"

This E-Book usually sells for £2.99
Now that's fair isn't it?

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