About Steve

A head shot of SteveSteve has had a ‘colourful’ and challenging life (so far) and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change much in the future (which he is more than happy with). To give just a few examples…

• He grew up in a council house with windows that frosted over on the inside.
• He was sexually abused from the age of 4-7 by a neighbour who was a pillar of the community (but please don’t call him a survivor).
• He was both bullied and was a bully at school, proving not everything is black & white.
• He has been stabbed twice and shot at once.
• He started his first job at the age of 12 and his first business at 22.
• He started a business that sold for £300 million and got less than 1% of it but he isn’t bitter and he’ll explain why to anybody.

So what’s his secret formula and how can he help you find yours?

Steve feels that EVERYTHING that has happened in his life, good or bad, has ended up having a positive impact on his life overall. He recognises that some of the individual events in his life could never be regarded as positive, nor should they be. But he genuinely believes that life is a ‘long game’ and that as long as you take learning from EVERY experience that you have in life, the bad as well as the good, that you will end up winning in that ‘long game’. In short, his life has ended up better overall BECAUSE of all of his life experiences and not just in spite of the negative ones. He is living proof that YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE and it is his mission in life to help you to find YOUR SECRET FORMULA for a more productive life.

Why should you bother attending an event Steve is speaking at?

Steve helps you to understand how being aware of your attitude and subsequent behaviours can massively improve both your professional and personal relationships. He draws on his own life experiences from an early age and having spent a significant part of his youth and early adulthood as an ’emotional land mine’.

This keynote address is all about YOU; Steve focuses on how you can actively work on your attitude and behaviours with takeaways you immediately implement upon leaving your event including…

• How to build your own secret formula for a more productive life.
• What makes you different to everybody else and how you can use that difference to your advantage.
• How to be the hero in your own epic adventure and not best supporting actor in somebody else’s.
• The formulas that Steve has found valuable in his own life and how you can use them.
• How to use gratitude properly in a precise laser focussed way to keep you grounded and productive.

His style is challenging to the group and supportive to the individual. He ‘walks and talks’ in a very interactive and questioning way aimed at building a bridge for you as the participant and inviting you to come across it and see the world from where he is standing. Steve is constantly challenging you to think and act differently with tangible benefits.

He is a big guy with a big personality and bags of energy that he spreads around the room; he uses his battery to help to recharge other people, so you will walk away with the optimism and desire to improve any aspect of your life and recognise when it’s working.

The only question left is… What have you got to lose?

If you're setting a goal...

That's what Steve thought when he got fed up

  • Fed up with all the moaning he hears in the world!
  • Fed up with the negativity people have when things aren't perfect!
  • Fed up with people not realising just how lucky they are!

So Steve has created an online "Gratitude Jar" and if you help him fill it, he'll help you...

Simply tell Steve one thing you're grateful for in your life and he will give you his E-Book

"Your Secret Formula for a More Grateful Life"

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