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The formulas used within my talks and blog are not based on strict mathematical accuracy, or even on their ability to represent the symbols used within them in the correct way. I am not a mathematician and I have never claimed to be.

What I am, is a normal guy who wants to share my way of guiding my own moral and professional compass with anyone who is interested in reading and understanding it, in the hope that it might help them. I am also interested in learning what methods other people use to do this successfully.

The use of the word ‘formulas’ rather than ‘formulae’ is specific and intentional. The Oxford English Dictionary states the following…

Formula noun:

1 (plural formulae /-liː/) a mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols:

2 (plural formulas) a method or procedure for achieving something:

3 (plural formulas) a set form of words, especially one used in particular contexts:

As you will see, the second two definitions definitely apply to the content of this blog, but I make no claim regarding the first.

I DO have some rules that I (try and) apply to my formulas when I am creating them:

  • They don’t have to be simple reductions of key words to letters
  • The = symbol can be used for ‘is’, ‘has’, ‘means’, ‘when’ and any other word(s) that roughly means equals
  • The ≠ symbol can be used for ‘is not’, ‘has not’, ‘does not’, ‘does not mean’ and any other word(s) that roughly means not equal to
  • I use the √ (Root) symbol to signify at the heart (root) of things
  • In maths > means ‘more than’ and >> means ‘much more than’ so for me > means ‘is better than’ and >> means ‘beats’
  • In certain spreadsheet programs the Σ symbol means “sum” so in my formulas it means the sum of your thinking or actions
  • A CAPITAL LETTER is more important than a lower case one
  • I use ² and ³ to save myself repeating something – They should not be regarded as a ‘power of’ symbols unless I say the effect of having them in the formula means they are that powerful

If you are a professional mathematician and my (mis)use of the tools of your profession offends or upsets you in some way, then I am genuinely sorry. But I’d suggest that rather than wasting time writing to me and pointing out my mathematical ignorance, you spend the five minutes or so asking yourself if any harm has really been done? Then with the other four and a half minutes you have left, lobby for world peace, or an end to hunger or poverty or something else that is both congruent to your purpose and that will make a positive difference in people’s lives.

One thing that you could do is make a positive contribution, re-visit this site regularly and provide one of your own formulas for a better life or share an experience where one of the formulas have or could have been applied for a better outcome.

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