Gratitudes I have Received

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The Bee Gees...

... classic song "Staying Alive" translating into "Being Alive". Sharing vigilance an vigil with us, family and friends losing loved ones to cancer and shifting focus to knowing we need and want to celebrate simply being alive. So lucky to look forward to combined 100th birthday bash post funerals next weekend in England. Thanks for joys in the world. (And that I'm still Just in the younger age group below thanks Steve!)

Lottie Hearn

My life

I am grateful for my life because i have so many lovely people in it, I have experienced so many amazing things, and I know I still have a lot of living left to do :)

Sophie Mitchell

Grateful for our labradors.

I a.m grateful for our labradors because they give their love unconditionally. Seeing their waggy tails makes me smile with happiness.

Linda Street

My family

They support me and make me smile!

Lynn Higgins

Sense of achievement

I will forever be grateful for my parents and my upbringing. From a young age they have instilled in me the idea that hard and smart work lead to great achievements. Ever since, I proudly represent the Achiever type, and find happiness in all of my achievement. I truly believe that without this strong sense and value I would not have become the ambitious and confident person, always striving for a better version of myself.

Raluca Stanca

My family

My family provide me with love and care, with fun and happiness and are a constant source of unconditional support.

Mark Fuller

Family love

I am grateful for the love and support of family, something which I am sorry to say can, at times, be taken for granted, something I am addressing as best I can every day of my life from now on.

Andy Neilson

My childhood in old USSR

Education was free and wasn't dependent on parents' bank balance. It encouraged to learn, to try new things. I learned that knowledge was more valuable than things. I found the beauty of spoken and written word, of classical music, opera, ballet. It opened my eyes to the world outside. I read real books instead of Hollywood sickly interpretations of them, listened to real orchestras instead of CDs, felt the magic of the Bolshoi instead of sitting in front of DVDs. Skiing in magic hushed snowy forests, endless summer days filled with wild strawberries and fresh milk straight from the cow. Simple pleasures and big dreams. Everything was possible then. Some of it even happened. I am truly grateful for the freedom, the excitement, the opportunities, the knowledge opened to me in my childhood in the Soviet Union of the 60s and 70s.

elena king

My family

I'm grateful for my family because of their consistent love and support. For how much they make me smile.

Simon Jordan


I'm very grateful for support that I get from my family, friends and other people. Without this support for what I do and pushing me further than I am I'm sure I wouldn't be the person I am now.

Kaja Nitecka

For having had an loving Mother

I'm extremely grateful for having been brought-up by a Mother who showed me unconditional love and who believed in me. Who trusted me enough to bring me up to be very independent, allowing me to have the confidence to try new things and also learn through my own mistakes. I'm grateful for all the moments of connectedness, creativity, fun, tears, trust, laughter we spent together because it made us so close. And it enabled her to transmit her love of life, her values of kindness and open-mindedness and her enlightened outlook on life to me before she passed away. I'm grateful for the close connection I had with my mother because it enabled for her to give me everything I needed to face the future on my own when she passed away shortly after my 16th birthday. I'm grateful because this connection still exists today and is what helps me gather the energy to keep advancing to shape my own future. She gave me the self-belief I lacked and the positivity I needed to take responsibility for myself. She taught me how precious life is and to never take things for granted. This has made me into who I am today and is the reason why I aim to always improve and better myself so I can live a more meaningful life and help those around me enhance their life if I can.

Sophia Boubal

People I am surrounded by

I am grateful that I get to be surrounded by people who have so many different qualities. I am grateful that I have people around me who inspire me and challenge me to be a better person in so many different ways. I am grateful that I have people who support me but also grateful I have people who don't have as much belief me so that I can push myself forward too.

Emma Percy

The people in my life

I have had people help me at every stage of my life. Starting from my parents and extending on to my relatives, teachers and friends. everyone has responded to my call for help. There also have been instances where I have been taken care of by strangers as if I was their own. Therefore, I am grateful to all those who have helped in a difficult situation. Those who have helped me to grow in life. Those who have opened doors for me where I myself could have not. I could not have made it so far without y'all. Thank you so much!

Akhila K Jayaram

My 2 daughters and my health to enjoy them

I have always needed a reason for being and that is my wonderful children....2 beautiful girls who are growing into well balanced, motivated, confident and happy young ladies - I am bursting with pride it hurts some times. Without my health - I fear not having the future to keep on bursting and growing with my girls x

Roz Chandler

The Modern World

In this day and age, i/we have so many technological devices, that we take for granted every day - especially the internet - I just want to say I'm grateful for the things i have in my life, no matter how trivial, or vital, i'm very glad i have what i have. Despite my parents splitting up, and probably not having a family christmas ever again (At 17 this really sucks) I am really grateful that i'm still able to have the wonderful things i have.

Luke Lamb

Thank you to the heavens!

As i have my health and my family!

Nikki Linford

Hubby, Family, Friends

Thankful for loving hubby, family, friends and having a healthy life.

Carol Dawson


I am grateful for my children. They teach me amazing things every single day.

Maggie Ayre

Extended Family

Following serious illness I have just retired today. Having worked in the fire service for 27 years it was really humbling to see many of my colleagues who turned out to make sure I'd actually gone! Their support during the initial stages of my illness was incredible and has continued during the last 2 years as I have worked towards my recovery. I and my family are very grateful to my "extended family" for their kindness and friendship.

Lisa Woods

Thank you for the chance

Yesterday I met a lady at work who was only married or two days before she lost her husband out of the blue. Today I feel so grateful that I can tell my wife I love her and that I have been able to share my life with her.

Carl Barton

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