Gratitudes I have Received

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i am fat ting fam

mike hunt

My family

My family is what I live for. They happen to be fantastic people who I adore and admire. Anything I can do for them makes me happy. The love I have for them makes me most happy. I believe it is essential in life to have people to love even more so than having people to love you.

Patricia Lane

My wife

She has made me a better person inside and out.

Richard Smith


Having my son and him coming through the challenges and temptations he has faced

Julie Whitmore

My Wife

My wife is completely accepting of me and has 100% faith and belief in me even when I go off tangent with my ideas and plans. I take it for granted that she is always there for me through thick and thin and don't always appreciate what she does for me.

Paul Crossman

My Family

I am so grateful for my family, they keep me grounded and they make my life fun.

Steve Houghton-Burnett


Second Test

Steve HB

TEST 040615

That my system still works

Steve H-B

onlie shopping

my mum bought me some new clothesonline for my holiday. i am gratefulbecause she didnt have to do it and spent her own money on me.R

Emily Barley

My Son

He drives me insane, he's a stereotypical adolescent boy who believes the world revolves around him, in equal measures he can be selfish lazy and obnoxious yet caring thoughtful and sensitive and at 10pm every night when he drops his persona to voluntarily kiss me goodnight or when he makes me a coffee ... just because ..... its all worth it. He is the light of my life and my reason for getting up and facing each new day. He is and always will be what I am most grateful for in life

Sarah Wilson

I'm most grateful for being the person I am and for the incredible world around me

I'm so grateful for who I am and the people in my life and for my place in the world we live in ... I'm not perfect but is anyone ... I'm just grateful for being a part of the universe and for everything else that makes life happen for us all

Becki Keightley

The acceptance of my person as a starting condition

I am grateful that I can live openly and honestly, and freely express and act upon my feelings about the people and the things that I love, and to have that seen by society as normal and something that should be expected for everyone.

George Jewitt

The love of my wife and kids

They are my world. You did ask about what I'm most grateful for in the world. Nothing transcends this. Am also grateful for my good health and my positive and relaxed outlook on life. And, more off the wall, I am pleased that I got into performing magic in my early teens. This has helped me to be memorable across the years, given me the confidence to speak in public from a relatively young age, a wonderful hobby and the ability to entertain people and make them happy.

Mark Lee

The food on my plate!

There are a lot of very unfortunate people in the world we live! I am very grateful for the employment I have to be able to make choices in the quantity and what food I eat everyday!

Terry Careswell

My connection to God

I used to bitch about adversities until I realized they were a gift. Through a lot of personal development work, I was brought closer to my purpose in life, it opened up my eyes to my WHY, with God being my driving force. And the purity of heart I experience through my connection to God, is inexplicable, but it definitely is a trip, and.....I have become a much nicer person, a more effective leader, even more forgiving, and definitely more service driven, as I stand on my path of fulfilling my own destiny. So I'm grateful for the contrast that brought me closer to be in the service of others, as I got closer to my own Source of energy and Higher power connection. And I'm NOT done! Beautiful art-work in progress.

Ali Rodriguez

I am so grateful that I live in the UK.

Because I can be who I really am here without fear of persecution, imprisonment and even death. I'm free to say I am an atheist. I am free to say I am gay. I am free to criticise the government. I am not a second class citizen because of my gender.

Maggie Jones

The right tools

The tools that have been shared with me to help me make the right choices to help me lose weight one day at a time!

Jayne Fletcher


I am grateful that I have three different but equally fantastic sons and a husband who is kind considerate and my best friend! Sounds soppy which I am not but my life is good!

Lisa Mulvany

My Husband is My Prince Charming!

My husband is one of the most generous men I've ever met. He supports my dream. Takes time away from his busy schedule to help me. He never criticizes my purchases. He tells me I'm a spring chicken - even though I'm not!

Kim Watkinson

Thank you for the chance

Yesterday I met a lady at work who was only married or two days before she lost her husband out of the blue. Today I feel so grateful that I can tell my wife I love her and that I have been able to share my life with her.

Carl Barton

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