Gratitudes I have Received

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I am grateful for her presence, that I have her accompany during my growth.

Tom Kwong Chun Ng

my loving supportive family

because they have supported me throughout the illness and death of a family member. Never judging

Mary redden

My wonderful family

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family - they are very special and very wonderful!

Simon Hazeldine

Health , Family and Freedom

I am so grateful to have my health and be surrounded by my supportive family. I love my life. I am a great believer in if you don't -change it....... Having spent 10 days in Cambodia and Vietnam I am grateful for the simple things in life like running water, electricity and have pledged to myself to try and remove all the other nonsense we buy x Freedom to make choices/Freedom to do what makes me happy and freedom to stop doing the things that don't xxx

Roz Chandler

Friends & Family

Because I have 2 amazing daughters who I'd do anything for, and some fabulous friends I love with all my heart and who I know love me :)

Joanna Walker

Happiness is like a kiss you must share it to enjoy it

I am very grateful to have the most understanding and kind hearted boyfriend I could ever imagine. I have become a lot more grateful since meeting him because it has made me feel a lot more positive but also made me look at things differently.

Laura Shackleton

My mother

Everytime I look at her, i feel energetic powerful like i can conquer the world. In the last few years we stood together through the worst storms and the greatest moments. Ever since I came to university theres a gap in my life. I dont have a best friend because i realize that no one can be a better friend than my mother. Its hard letting go .. but I am grateful to have the most strong encouraging and god fearing woman in my life and one who loves me. I can give my life for her.

Mishael Akleker

My Beautiful Past

Some would describe my past as Ugly, horrific and harrowing! I describe it as beautiful, testing and a special gift! My past has empowered me to succeed, has given me the courage to step up to a challenge and the power to inspire!! I will be forever grateful for those life changing experiences!!!

Hannah Kennedy-Jackson

Thankful for My Husband

I am grateful for my husband because he has always been loving, supportive and a great friend.

Janeane Davis

Grateful for life

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (incurable) two years ago, but I am receiving treatment and still able to work

Angela Gerrard


I'm grateful for my warm home and the locks in it's doors. I'm grateful for the community in which I live, the pride and moral values my children are surrounded by. I'm grateful for the kind hearts and helping hands around me, the people I care about do much, that spur me to help Them. I'm grateful that I don't have to worry about our next meal, or clothing to put on my familys' back. My world is safe.

Abi Dakin

My grandchildren

They give love and cuddles make me smile and keep me active and want nothing in return

allison cusick

My family are fine

With so many tragedies in the world, i am grateful my family and friends are safe.God bless those less fortunate

Jenny Pyrah


Grateful for a second chance of life. After beating breast cancer twice. from surgeons to nurses family and true friends have all helped me through good and the bad times. So grateful to just have life's little pleasure. I love my son and thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me a beautiful granddaughter grace. My reason to keep positive.

Leona Compton


I'm very grateful for the friends and family that supported my through a recent relationship break-up - not least Gareth & Mel, who put me up on their sofa bed while I found somewhere to live!

Simon Kite

There but for the grace of God

My twin sister Clare and friend Nancy were in the Westgate shopping centre having coffee at the very spot the Al Shebaab terrorists launched their attacks 24 hours later. I am so grateful they were not taken from us!

Val King

NEVER give up!!!!

I'm so grateful for my wonderful husband. He came along at a time when I couldn't cope with any more of what life was throwing at me. He taught me to love and trust again......but more importantly, that things are never bad enough for you to want to stop living. That things will always get better. Today is our 1st anniversary and we were struggling to afford something special. Last week, we were invited to a free overnight stay at Rockliffe Hall and it was heaven! NEVER give up!

Lizzie Adamson-Brown

Grateful to be amongst the most fortunate on the planet!

I am grateful because I earn my living doing what I love, I have a roof over my head, I know where my next meal is coming from, I am healthy and living in a country in peacetime and with a health service free to all, I have access to clean running water, my loved ones are close by and I have skills that allow me to make a positive difference to people's lives. This puts me within the luckiest group of people on the planet!

Tony Burgess


yeah... just breathe it in. it's free it's taken for granted it's the giver of life aaahhhhhhhh !

David Hyner

Grateful in advance

I am grateful in advance and in expectation that people will help me on my quest to collect a million gratitudes. The reason for collecting them will help both them and me.

Steve Houghton-Burnett

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