Gratitudes I have Received

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My health!

I am SO grateful that I have a wonderfully fully functioning body! One that continues to work fabulously well & create great pleasure for me, DESPITE the disregard & disdain that I have put it through at times in my life! I know I am lucky to have such a wonderful body <3

cathie higginson

My Grandson

I have two great kids and a caring husband. We have suffered so much loss over the last few years and our new grandson has brought such joy into all our lives.

Carol Byrne

My family

They are the most precious things to me, investing in them is my one of my greatest daily achievements.

Kate Hayward

The love of my family

I am grateful that I am loved by those closest to me and that they share their love so openly. It gives me purpose and makes everything in life worthwhile.

Simon Paintin

My Family

I am so grateful for my family, they keep me grounded and they make my life fun.

Steve Houghton-Burnett

Family & Friends

Grateful for the friends and famy in my life and those yet to arrive.

Sarah Muirhead

Gratitude for my family and life

We live in a great world, however most people don’t see it. They focus on what they don’t like and all things wrong with the world. Why not look for the positive in everyone and all situations? My family give me great enthusiasm for life and are always support me to go to the next level. Without my wife, I would not hold two Guinness world records for greatest distance walked on fire! Diane, Adam & Chloe - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Scott Bell – Founder of UK Firewalk & Professional Speaker

Scott Bell

My family

Always supported me regardless of what I'm doing. Giving me the best possible opportunities in life, and doing their best to make sure I have the best possible life, even if it means sacrificing their own needs and time.

Oliver Evans

My Son

He drives me insane, he's a stereotypical adolescent boy who believes the world revolves around him, in equal measures he can be selfish lazy and obnoxious yet caring thoughtful and sensitive and at 10pm every night when he drops his persona to voluntarily kiss me goodnight or when he makes me a coffee ... just because ..... its all worth it. He is the light of my life and my reason for getting up and facing each new day. He is and always will be what I am most grateful for in life

Sarah Wilson

I'm most grateful for being the person I am and for the incredible world around me

I'm so grateful for who I am and the people in my life and for my place in the world we live in ... I'm not perfect but is anyone ... I'm just grateful for being a part of the universe and for everything else that makes life happen for us all

Becki Keightley

Longstanding Friendships

I have just come home to Newcastle for the Easter Holidays as I currently live in London. It is amazing to see friends again that I went to school with and grew up with as if I saw them yesterday. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

Christine Shorey

The acceptance of my person as a starting condition

I am grateful that I can live openly and honestly, and freely express and act upon my feelings about the people and the things that I love, and to have that seen by society as normal and something that should be expected for everyone.

George Jewitt


I'm grateful for the friends Iv'e known all of my life. We are all spread across the world and may not see each other that often, but when we do, it's like we were only together yesterday. Thanks also to facebook for making it easy for us to stay in touch.

Mandy Ward

Thank You

For the work you've done to date in sharing the web and the work you're doing in making it a more human experience.

Martin Dewhurst

Job success

For being given my dream job after volunteering with the organisation beforehand

Claire Herworth

Why I'm grateful

I'm grateful for the following 1. Me and my family are all heathly and happy 2. I have a good job that I ca go to everyday and share my ideas and help to make a positive impact to growing the business 3. Ensure that I can have a positive impact on the people that I meet on a daily basis (whether in work or family life

Cara Leach

My family=my world

I'm truly thankful for my wonderful family who love and support me and bring me sheer happiness!!

Claire Vallance

Thank You NHS

It has it's critics, and I may be one from time to time, but overall I've been extremely grateful to medical and nursing staff in the National Health Service. Their expertise, skill and caring attitude has served me well right throughout my life. I wouldn't be here had it not been for the NHS in my early childhood.

Steve Wilkinson

We're so fortunate

So many reasons: I have a job (and one I like), a roof over my head, nice food on the table, 3 cats who love me, friends and family who love me, a supportive line manager, I live in a country with a decent health system & relatively low crime levels and my chronic pain condition (fibromyalgia) is fairly stable with the right medical support. There are always things to find I could moan about, but that's all it would be: a moan. Because life isn't perfect. ....

Natasja Dumay

My family

I have four children, all of whom are very different individuals with different passions and different personalities. They're all fit, healthy and loving.

Bob Bradley

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