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My girls - wife, daughter and cat

There are many things I am grateful for, but most of all my wonderful supportive and optimistic wife. Our daughter who makes us, laugh, cry and test our sanity at times, but who brings us great joy and fulfilment and our crazy cat who sometimes thinks she is a dog. She is daft and cuddly and we adore her, yet she still has a cats killer hunting instinct. I live in a wonderful country where are I am free to enjoy life.

Matt Sturgess

Grateful to be alive

Having survived breast cancer, having wonderful friends along a horrid journey and being able to do something to help others by setting up Swimming After Surgery (SAS) in Telford 5 years ago.

Fiona Smith

where I live

I am always grateful that I had the great fortune to be born in a part of the world where I have easy access to food, shelter, clean water and health care.

Kayleigh Gallagher

My peeps

I'm grateful for the people in my life. All the special should who I've met along the way. Friends. Family. The one who care about me when they have no reason. Who know me, but like me anyway. Who've picked me up, challenged me to be more. Who don't always like me, but will always love me. And my dog, who also falls into this category. :-)

David Wallace

My family....oh and my cat!

A seriously funny and loving wife....2 children that would make any father and mother proud and a little cat called scotty who brings his mates round to play!

Peter Lowe

onlie shopping

my mum bought me some new clothesonline for my holiday. i am gratefulbecause she didnt have to do it and spent her own money on me.R

Emily Barley


I'm very grateful for support that I get from my family, friends and other people. Without this support for what I do and pushing me further than I am I'm sure I wouldn't be the person I am now.

Kaja Nitecka


I'm currently on a weight loss journey and am grateful for the support I receive from people on a similar journey. People I have never met but regularly help and support me to achieve what I need to.

Paula Bolan


Finding more self-worth and belief has changed my life so that I can be,do and have a happy, fulfilled future.

Katy Coulson

My connection to God

I used to bitch about adversities until I realized they were a gift. Through a lot of personal development work, I was brought closer to my purpose in life, it opened up my eyes to my WHY, with God being my driving force. And the purity of heart I experience through my connection to God, is inexplicable, but it definitely is a trip, and.....I have become a much nicer person, a more effective leader, even more forgiving, and definitely more service driven, as I stand on my path of fulfilling my own destiny. So I'm grateful for the contrast that brought me closer to be in the service of others, as I got closer to my own Source of energy and Higher power connection. And I'm NOT done! Beautiful art-work in progress.

Ali Rodriguez

Thankful for My Husband

I am grateful for my husband because he has always been loving, supportive and a great friend.

Janeane Davis

My Children

My daughters were born with severe heart conditions; we nearly lost them on a number of occasions. I am immensely grateful to the universe for having gifted me and my husband with these two amazing young ladies. I'll be forever grateful to all the medical personnel that have made it possible, time and time again, for our daughters to still be with us. And I am grateful that I was able to have children in the first place as I know there are people who so desperately want children and can't have any. I am grateful for the love and laughter our daughters bring to our family every day. I am grateful for every toddler tantrum they were able to have as children, every teenage strop we experience now, every eye-roll and 'whatever' we hear as parents, because our lives are so much richer and fulfilled because Charlie and Hannah are in them.

Frederika Roberts

My family are fine

With so many tragedies in the world, i am grateful my family and friends are safe.God bless those less fortunate

Jenny Pyrah

My Health

I am grateful for my health

Nikki Martin

Technology and Choice

Because technology allows us to communicate with so many people, who we would never have had the chance to meet previously, I thought at first I would say I was grateful for technology - and indeed, I am. However, not everyone I meet via technology is nice... but I can choose the ones with whom I want to remain in contact, so I am equally grateful for being able to have choice. :)

Jane Stanley

How letting go (of vomit) brought more of what I needed in my life

My 3yo daughter had a horrid stomach bug last week which meant that, without notice, I had to cancel 2 full days of sales meetings to be at home with her. Of course by the time she was better I got it which meant I was off work for a further 2 days - so a whole week off work! When you run your own business this is pretty hard to stomach (excuse the pun!). But instead of trying to half look after her and half work, I completely surrendered to the situation and embraced the extra time I could spend with her. We created our very own den in the lounge with lots of blankets and teddies and had a lovely time just chatting and playing. As I wasn't feeling brilliant, I didn't even bother doing the normal weekend housework, and instead we had some lovely mum-daughter time. In the gap between her getting better and me getting ill I managed to reschedule 2 of my meetings which both led to business. So in a weird way, it was one of my most successful weeks in business ever given the time spent working versus the financial return. So, in letting go of my need to work, I allowed what I needed into my life - more quality time with her and my ability to earn a living. And for this, I am grateful for her and I being ill. I am also grateful for my new stomach and throat lining. Oh and my body's ability to repair itself so swiftly.

Alexia Leachman

Thank You NHS

It has it's critics, and I may be one from time to time, but overall I've been extremely grateful to medical and nursing staff in the National Health Service. Their expertise, skill and caring attitude has served me well right throughout my life. I wouldn't be here had it not been for the NHS in my early childhood.

Steve Wilkinson


I am grateful for being given the gift of children. On a daily basis they can make me laugh, cry, go mad, be soft, shout, whisper, be gentle. They give the most incredible hugs and even on the crappest of days they put all of life's woes into perspective. Being a mum is a strange journey rewarded with lotsa love, and loving something more than life itself is terrifying but magical!

Mairi McGeachy

My health and how wonderfully smart my body is

2 years ago I got ill. I had reached a crossroads and, although my conscious mind did not know it, some bug things had to change. I had been living life at full tilt, "making" things happen and for a while it had felt all wrong. Deep inside me I knew that life was supposed to be full of joy and ease. We are designed to go with the flow- not to force and push things to happen. My body is so smart. My adrenal glands decided to stop me in my tracks. Adrenal glands produce the hormones that give you your energy. Without them functioning properly I was exhausted. Like a car battery that would not recharge. If I ignored how I felt and tried to push through I simply got worse. I had to stop work. That seemed frightening to start with. I had a choice - to go with the flow or to be scared and fight it. Though it was scary at times (I'm honest!) I felt somehow that I was being looked after. After a while I found people started to give me things and do things to support me. As I was running out of money more money would appear. All sorts of wonderful things came from this. I stopped pushing Stopped making things happen. I just did not have the energy and anyway, it felt SOOOO wrong. I eventually felt confident enough that I told people around me. "I have not been well". What had seemed like failure (not being able to carry on pushing myself as so many of us do, day after day, actually led people to open up to me far more than ever before. People started to help me in all sorts of ways because they knew I simply did not have the energy. I am still working it out. Some major things have changed about the whole way I interact with the world. Doing things that are fun or that feel good are the good things to do. Doing things that seem heavy or "what I ought to be doing" or anything that feels hard- they are totally out. Step by step my body and a variety of wonderful people guided me to find the way to get well again. My body has incredible intelligence. It knows how I really want to live my life- it is teaching me to clear out all the rubbish so I can live my life in a far better way. Thank you body for stopping me in my tracks. Thank you universe for guiding me step by step though this incredible journey. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been so kind. Thank you to my parents who so kind as to give their 48 year old daughter a haven for several weeks to help me get well.... and who have supported and encouraged me throughout it all. Thank you universe for providing money when I had no idea how I would get the money to carry on. Thank you to that wonderful part of me that could trust and let go- and learn this wonderful lesson. Thank you that this is a safe, loving world- even though we often cannot see it..... Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Jane Bromley

Grateful to be amongst the most fortunate on the planet!

I am grateful because I earn my living doing what I love, I have a roof over my head, I know where my next meal is coming from, I am healthy and living in a country in peacetime and with a health service free to all, I have access to clean running water, my loved ones are close by and I have skills that allow me to make a positive difference to people's lives. This puts me within the luckiest group of people on the planet!

Tony Burgess

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